Our Team

At Melody, we offer lots of great activities and amenities, but it’s our people who really make Melody ADC center feel like a home away from home. Our staff bring not only a wealth of expertise, experience, and skill to Melody, but also a caring and enthusiastic spirit. Melody staff love their work and look forward to every day they spend with our members

Many older adults face physical challenges that keep them at home or become isolated as friends and family move away. Melody ADC helps them overcome these barriers and regain a life filled with friends, engaging activities, and new experiences to look forward to.

Melody offers a new lease on life to caregivers as well, by sharing the responsibilities and time commitments that caring for an elderly person can entail.

Victoria Zborovski

Program Director

Victoria Zbrovsky has been with the Melody Adult Day Care since the program’s launch in 2013. She started out as a receptionist, but quickly, through hard work, has became the Program Director. Because of her dedication, Melody has quadrupled in size, providing even more choices of entertainment, services, and better quality food, which allows greater number of seniors to participate in a healthier and fun way of living.

Victoria, has worked hard to make sure that the program, although growing, remains extremely personal and has a human touch. Under her leadership and guidance the staff in Melody Adult Day Care treats its members like their own family or friends. It’s the reason why many of the seniors at Melody regard Victoria as their a daughter, a granddaughter, or a best friend. She is always there when needed, and always working on ways to make the next day at Melody better then the last.

Ludmila Slobodyan

Manager/Registered Nurse

Lyudmila Slobodyan is the Manager the Melody Adult Day Care/Registered Nurse in NYAK Center. Lyudmila’s nursing experience spans from pediatric care, dialysis, first aid, and adult clinical care. At Melody, Lyudmila focuses on all aspects of client experience, and it drives her and her staff toward excellence.

Lyudmila has begun in Melody in 2013 as an on site nurse, but quickly became one of the most valuable members of the Melody team. Through her dedication, Melody, has withstood the hard early days and is now providing top level care to a hundred members.