Our Services

Come and find out for yourself what Melody ADC is all about.  You can schedule a brief tour or visit us for a full day as our guest.  We’ll provide door-to-door transportation, too!


Enjoying the company of others is one of the main benefits of becoming a Melody client. We offer group activities throughout the day, and also provide a comfortable environment where our members can make new friends and spend free time together, whether it’s playing a board game or just chatting over a cup of tea. Melody’s Program Director is responsible for planning group activities that respond to the participant’s interests, capabilities, and needs.


Sharing meals together is one of the simple pleasures we enjoy at Melody.  We provide two hot nutritious meals to our members. The food is prepared by popular local restaurants.

Members with dietary restrictions have plenty of options to choose from, and snacks, coffee, and tea are available throughout the day.


We provide door-to-door private transportation for all of our members. We assist those who rely walkers, and other mobility aids, and give our members a safe and comfortable ride To and From our Melody center.

Haircuts and Manicures

Getting a new haircut—or even just a little touch-up or trim—helps our members look and feel good, and gives them a chance to relax and indulge in a little salon-style pampering. Our Beauty Professionals visit us twice a month to offer all of our members their time at our in-house “salon.”


At our Center, we offer classes year-round in arts and crafts, music, English and computer use. We also invite instructors to come and teach short-term classes in subjects of interest to our members, such as sewing. We invite our members to share their skills and knowledge by offering to teach a class of their own.

Social Services

Melody social workers will help our members with various tasks they are challenged on daily bases. We will read and translate mail, we will assist fill-in various key forms such as annual benefit certification and make important phone calls.

Day Trips

Our members enjoy going on a day trip together at least twice a month. When the weather is warm, we love to have barbecues and  picnics and visits to Botanical Garden. At cooler times we organize trips to restaurants and casinos,  museums and aquariums.


Melody has professional musicians on staff, who entertain our members on daily bases with great music and singing, local news and jokes.

We invite special guests like musicians, magicians, and guest speakers to join us each month. Melody ADC members enjoy providing entertainment for each other, like Poem reading and singing, as well.